Big Lagoon

Pensacola, Florida

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Big Lagoon sits just north of Perdido Key in Pensacola, Florida, also known as the intercostal. You'll find nice eFoil riding with generally calm waters, and an option to head east toward Fort McRee/Sand Island, or west to Alabama.



Water Quality

Expect salty, clear-ish water. Keep an eye out for shallow areas - they're aplenty in throughout this waterway. Stay within channel markers if you're unfamiliar with depths or have a difficult time seeing a good distance ahead (sun reflections, etc...).


Heavy Boat Traffic

This intercostal is rather busy, especially in the summer months, with recreational boat traffic, as well as large barges. Through most of the waterway, boaters are allowed to make wake, until just before the Perdido Key bridge. Exercise heightened caution throughout.


Recommended Rider Experience

Smooth waters, and minimal wake as you head west of Perdido Key Bridge make this an easy spot for those ready to take the next step after their introductory lessons. Riders will need to have good sense about boat traffic here.



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Launch Points

1. Big Lagoon State Park (Boat Launch)

12301 Gulf Beach Highway Pensacola, Florida 32507, United States

This state park is an excellent spot to launch your eFoil at. We recommend following the road back to the boat launch, where you'll find two ramps, as well as a sandy shoreline that backs right up to parking and is the perfect place for you to wade your board out. There's also bathrooms on-site, which make it easy to jump in and out of your wet suit. This state park has an entry fee of $4.

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
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