Innerarity Point Park

Pensacola, Florida

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Innerarity Point Park is located on the interior side of Perdido Key. You'll find a nice public park, with a boat launch sitting directly next to it. You can start in Florida, and quickly ride to Alabama (west), passing by favorites like Florabama. Or riders can head East toward Big Lagoon/Fort McRee. Grab a bite to eat at Hub Stacey's after your ride.



Water Quality

Dark, but not murky water that improves as you head toward Orange Beach.


Heavy Boat Traffic

During tourist/snowbird season, expect massive amounts of boat traffic. Boaters seem respectful, but this is a wake-allowed zone and riders may find it challenging to stay up or get re-started.


Recommended Rider Experience

Riders should be able to handle significant boat wake, though less experienced riders should be able to ride during less busy times (the evening/twilight hours seem ideal).



Efoil, kiteboard and wing foil lessons and equipment on the Florida Panhandle

Launch Points

1. Galvez Boat Launch

5888 Galvez Road Pensacola, Florida 32507, United States

Feel free to unpack your board/gear at the boat launch, but be sure to move your car to parking that's just on the other side of the fence/near Hub Stacey's. The row of parking lining the fence is public parking, not restaurant parking. Keep your equipment secure and your car locked at this location, we've met some self-titled 'finders' on the shoreline.

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
Last updated on: January 8, 2024 Submitted by: Ben S.