Perdido Bay

Pensacola, Florida

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Perdido Bay is a large bay that sits between the Florida and Alabama state lines. The water starts murky, but becomes increasingly clear and ocean-like as you approach Orange Beach or Perdido Key in Pensacola. The closer you get to Orange Beach, you’ll notice an increased police presence from both the US Coast Guard and the Alabama water Patrol. While the Coast Guard seems to have very little problem with foilers riding through this area, the reaction from the Alabama water patrol can vary. We’d advise riding here only if you have your board properly registered and with the proper safety equipment (life jackets).



Water Quality

The water is murky. We’ve returned to shore with minor cases of conjunctivitis after riding here.


Heavy Boat Traffic

This is a heavily trafficked area. While there’s plenty of water space for riders to foil through, boaters often pass through here at high speed and generate wake.


Recommended Rider Experience

Rider experience greatly depends on the weather. During calm times, this is among the easiest of rides. During windy times, this can be challenging water, even for experienced riders.



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Launch Points

1. Lillian Boat Launch

12408 Seventh St. Lillian, Alabama 36549, United States

While we don't generally advise launching at boat ramps, this one surprisingly works. It's not slippery, and we've never stubbed our feet on anything hard or sharp.

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
Last updated on: January 8, 2024 Submitted by: Ben S.