Sabine Bay

Pensacola, Florida

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Sabine Bay is a small inland bay near Pensacola Beach. It’s protected from larger bodies of water in all four directions, with only a narrow channel leading out into the Santa Rosa Sound. Though the water in Sabine Bay is generally calm, it is an active (popular) waterway. You’ll find plenty of tourists launching their paddle boards and kayaks from the sandy beach, as well as boaters. Tourists are often seen exploring the middle of the bay, which is made up of an extremely shallow sandbar. E-foilers will need to carefully follow the channel markers around the sandbar, else risk beaching.



Water Quality

Riders can expect salty, clean water.


Heavy Boat Traffic

Boat traffic can vary depending on the day and season. Expect tiki pontoons floating around during the summer months, tourists renting paddle boards and kayaks, as well as other traffic entering the bay from the Santa Rosa Sound.


Recommended Rider Experience

This is a great area to explore for newer riders who have done at least a lesson and are able to stand up. It's imperative that riders understand how to follow channel markers due to shallow depths.



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Launch Points

1. Public Access

643 Pensacola Beach Blvd. Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561, United States

This location has parking directly attached to a nearby sandy beach. The parking lot can become crowded during the summer months/tourist season.

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
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