Bayou Chico

Pensacola, Florida

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While we didn't actually ride in Bayou Chico, we saw enough evidence during our visit to ward us (and other) riders off. There’s parking nearby, but the distance you'll need to walk to get your board in the water is a little too far. When we visited, a sign was posted that notified visitors that high levels of bacteria were sampled in the water.



Water Quality

Visitors to Lake Wood Park may be warned upon entrance that the water has a high level of bacteria detected. A notice will be posted on a sign near the entrance of the park.


Heavy Boat Traffic



Recommended Rider Experience




Efoil, kiteboard and wing foil lessons and equipment on the Florida Panhandle

Launch Points

1. Lake Wood Park

642 Lakewood Road Warrington, Florida 32507, United States

The sandy berm that would be most appropriate for launching is a good distance away from the parking. Most riders would be annoyed at how far they’d have to walk their board, or how many trips they’ll have to make.

Parking Nearby
Last updated on: January 8, 2024 Submitted by: Ben S.