Bayou Texar

Pensacola, Florida

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Bayou Texar is a medium-sized bayou on the east side of Pensacola. From satellite maps, it looks like an ideal place to take beginner riders, but our experience was anything but. The water is murky, and if you run too far north (toward Carpenter Creek), you’ll end up beaching yourself in shallow muck that you’ll either have to walk through (yuck!) or swim your way out of. It can be an unnerving situation. And then there’s the $70m Conoco lawsuit/settlement from 2004 that alleges that toxic industrial chemicals leached into the groundwater and made their way into this bayou. If you go, be sure to check water navigation apps beforehand, and try to minimize your exposure to this water.



Water Quality

The water is murky and was the subject of a $70m lawsuit that alleged that a toxic plume of industrial chemicals made its way into the bayou.


Heavy Boat Traffic

This is an active waterway, but riders shouldn’t have too difficult of a time avoiding traffic.


Recommended Rider Experience

While this would be great training ground for beginners, we rate it just above 1-star because of the openings for wind coming from the south and west that can cause difficulties with both wake and excessive battery drainage.



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Launch Points

1. Cove Road

251 Cove Road Pensacola, Florida 32523, United States

This launch point is great. There’s nearby parking on the street, shaded mostly by trees. The sandy berm is a short walk away and perfect for setting up your board. Even better, the sandy berm is public access surrounded by upscale homes.

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
Last updated on: January 8, 2024 Submitted by: Ben S.