Johnson Beach

Pensacola, Florida

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Johnson Beach is a federal park. You'll either need a US National Park pass to access, or will need to purchase a day pass. If you're a local (or like to travel to other national parks), we recommend purchasing the annual park pass. Once in Johnson Beach, you'll have access to both the Gulf as well as the sound (aka "Big Lagoon"). During storms or rough waters, you'll find traditional surfers riding on the gulf-side. Riding an eFoil in Big Lagoon is very possible, but you'll need to wade your board out far enough, as well as pick your beach access carefully.

Our reviewers are cautious to recommend riding here at all as we've had an eFoil battery STOLEN in broad daylight. Make sure all of your equipment is secured in your car, and be sure to lock your car before you walk away, even if just for a moment.



Water Quality

The water on the Gulf side is as good as it gets. The water in Big Lagoon is salty and clean (enough).


Heavy Boat Traffic

Quite a bit of fast boat traffic passes through Big Lagoon, and it's a wake zone. Most riders won't have issues, but be sure to keep a careful eye out. Boat traffic is rare on the Gulf-side.


Recommended Rider Experience

In Big Lagoon, riders should be capable to handle wake coming from fast boats.



Efoil, kiteboard and wing foil lessons and equipment on the Florida Panhandle

Launch Points

1. Johnson Beach

Johnson Beach Rd Pensacola, Florida 32507, United States

Air to the side of caution and keep a close eye on your equipment at this park.

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
Last updated on: January 8, 2024 Submitted by: Ben S.