Reservoir Overlook

Madison, Mississippi

eFoiling Kiteboarding Wing Foiling

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Usually, this will be an e-foil spot, but on certain days it can get windy enough for kite/wing. During the weekends, it can get crowded as boats like to anchor up and party, but you can use this area as a launch point and ride to other areas. I would recommend water shoes as the bottom can be muddy and/or rocky. -JB



Water Quality

The water isn’t great, but not terrible, it’s muddy therefore the water won’t be clear.


Heavy Boat Traffic

Can be crowded on weekends.


Recommended Rider Experience

If it’s not busy, the rider experience isn’t as crucial, but just be aware of depth and water debris.


Lift Mississippi

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Launch Points

1. Reservoir Overlook

Natchez Trace Pkwy Madison, Mississippi 39110, United States

Good Launch Location
Parking Nearby
Last updated on: April 23, 2024 Submitted by: JB S.